Inicio Tecnología. AMD espera obtener el 40% del mercado de servidores (Inglés)

AMD espera obtener el 40% del mercado de servidores (Inglés)

Company also expects one-third of global microprocessor market within two years.

SHANGHAI (Reuters) — Advanced Micro Devices Inc., the world’s No. 2 maker of computer processors, hopes to have 40 percent of the global server market by unit shipments by 2009, a senior executive said on Tuesday.

“There’s no reason why AMD can’t achieve 40 percent,” Commercial Business Vice President Marty Seyer told reporters on the sidelines of the launch of an R&D center in Shanghai.

The global server market is expected to grow 11 percent a year on average to $62 billion, or 11.8 million unit shipments, in 2010, according to International Data Corp.’s latest figures.

That compared with a $55 billion market with 7 million unit shipments in 2005, the research firm said.

Seyer added that AMD, which supplies chips for servers, notebook PCs and desktop computers to the likes of China’s top PC seller Lenovo Group Ltd. and IBM, currently has a “below 20” percent share of the global computer microprocessor market by revenue.

AMD has said it expects to supply one-third of this market by 2008. Microprocessors act as the digital brains of computers and network equipment. Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AMD on Tuesday launched a $16 million R&D center in the eastern part of Shanghai that will be its largest outside the United States.

The company expects to have 400 employees there by the end of the decade.

AMD, which was once considered a follower of rival Intel Corp., has recently emerged as an innovator in its own right and has been steadily winning over market share.

AMD won a recent coup when top global PC maker Dell Inc. agreed to begin using AMD chips instead of relying on Intel, its longtime supplier. Intel has cut prices on its chips by as much as 50 percent to better compete with AMD.

AMD executives declined to comment on AMD’s pricing strategy.

In the last two years, Intel has been losing market share in China, the world’s second-largest PC market, with 19 million units shipped last year; that figure is expected to grow by 18 percent this year, according to IDC.

Fuente: CNN, con información de Reuters