Inicio Tecnología. Barrett, de Intel, satisfecho con nueva generación de chips (Inglés)

Barrett, de Intel, satisfecho con nueva generación de chips (Inglés)

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Intel Corp. Chairman Craig Barrett said on Wednesday he felt “very comfortable” with the company’s new generation of chips, aimed at providing a competitive edge as it faces greater rivalry from Advanced Micro Devices.

“We do well when we have technology leadership in the marketplace,” Barrett said in an interview. “In the last year we did not (do) so well because we were at the tail end of an old microarchitecture.”

“Now we’ve introduced a new one with competitive leadership,” he said. “I feel very good about the current product lineup.”

Barrett was at the United Nations to meet with the UN Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies and Development (GAID), which he chairs. The group, formed in June, aims to bridge the technological gap between developed and developing countries.

On Tuesday, Intel, the world’s largest microchip maker, unveiled a high-end chip with four processing cores to go on sale in November, one or two months earlier than expected.

While the “quad-core” chips target high-end servers and gaming computers, they are the cutting edge of a suite of new products the company is counting on to stem several quarters of declining sales and profits.

Asked about market concerns over a potential U.S. economic slowdown, Barrett said Intel saw more of its business growing in emerging economies, like many of its technology peers. He estimated that about two-thirds of Intel’s business comes from outside the United States.

“We’d like to see the (U.S.) economy healthy and growing … but our business is growing much faster in the emerging economies than it is anywhere else,” he said. “Our business profile is much less dependent on the U.S. economy than it used to be.”

Fuente: Reuters