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Black Box y ShoreTel conforman alianza para vender Telefonía IP “pura” (En inglés)

Pittsburgh-based Black Box Corporation, which calls itself the world’s largest technical-services company, and IP telephony solutions provider ShoreTel Inc. inked a strategic alliance in which Black Box will deliver ShoreTel’s IP telephony systems as part of its voice and data services portfolio.

With several large multi-site installations already in place, Black Box and ShoreTel have delivered IP communications solutions to several Fortune 1000 and enterprise-class organizations.

Says Rick Gannon, regional general manager at Black Box, “There is a clear demand from our customers for ShoreTel’s solutions, and we are very impressed with the overall performance and reliability.”

ShoreTel says its “Pure IP” telephony systems provide number of key benefits, including ease of use, manageability and lower total cost of ownership than alternative solutions. The company says its distributed software architecture and switched-based hardware platform can extend enterprise-class voice services to every office and remote location.

Under terms of the agreement, Black Box will sell, install and support ShoreTel’s IP telephony solutions to its large enterprise customers across the United States and Canada. The combination of ShoreTel’s Pure IP systems bundled with the Black Box services organization enables Black Box to extend one-stop shopping to its North American customers.

Fuente: TelecomWeb