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Brasil, el segundo país en acceso a redes sociales; México, el cuarto (En inglés)

comScore, Inc. released results from a study of the state of the Internet in Brazil, which includes a focus on social networking, one of the country’s most popular Internet categories. comScore’s data show that 85 percent of Brazilians age 15 and older who accessed the Internet from home or work computers in September 2008 visited a social networking site, up from 76 percent in September 2007. Compared to other countries with Internet populations of at least 10 million monthly unique visitors, Brazil had the second highest percent reach in the social networking category, slightly behind Canada with 87 percent. The United Kingdom is in third place with 78 percent, followed by Mexico with 73 percent.

“For Internet users in Brazil, social networking continues to flourish as a hugely popular activity,” said Alex Banks, managing director of Latin America for comScore. “One likely reason for social networking’s success in Brazil is that its concept of online community closely aligns with the culture in Brazil, which is also centered on a strong sense of community and social activity.”

Social networking penetration high throughout Latin America

In addition to Brazil, social networking is a popular Internet pastime across much of Latin America. Nearly 9 out of 10 people in the region visited a social networking site in September 2008, up 9 percentage points from September 2007. While social networking among Latin American nations had the highest reach in Brazil, comScore data show that Chile and Colombia were not far behind with 80 percent reach. Though Puerto Rico had the lowest penetration (71 percent) for the social networking category, it saw the largest gain versus year ago with a 10-percentage point increase.

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