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CALA, la región con mayor crecimiento en call centers (En inglés)

According to the “2007 Global ICA Contact Center Report,” T3i Group LLC’s latest “InfoTrack for Converged Applications (ICA)” research report on the global contact center market, CALA led all regions with growth of more than 50 percent, while EMEA and APAC followed, both growing at double-digit rates.

The T3i Group is the parent company of TelecomWeb news break.

For the third consecutive year, U.S. shipments of premise-based agent positions in the United States, this time by 3.6 percent; they were down 5 percent in 2005 and 1 percent in 2006. Outsourcing, enhanced self-service capabilities and hosted contact center solutions all contributed to the decline. InfoTech, the T3i Group LLC division that conducts market research on unified communications, forecasts the U.S. market share of agents will decline steadily through the forecast period (2008-12), while CALA and APAC will continue to grow significantly during the same time period. EMEA will maintain positive growth but its global share will decline slightly due to the emerging markets’ higher growth rates.

Avaya led all vendors, with global shipments of more than one million new agents — including significant add-on business in all regions and revenue of more than $1 billion — followed by Nortel. Genesys, a provider of telephony system-agnostic contact centers, combined with parent Alcatel-Lucent, captured third place in agent market share.

“Based on the recent and projected trends, the lessons for manufacturers of contact center systems are clear: Focus on such U.S. productivity-enhancing capabilities as unified communications, self service technologies and workforce management tools which will improve the utilization of existing agents,” commented Ken Dolsky, program director for InfoTech’s ICA. “In the emerging markets outside of the United States, concentrate on in-country relationships with sales partners, government agencies, educational institutions and other entities to leverage existing relationships and capture as much new growth as possible.”

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