Inicio Tecnología. China lanza el primer estándar 4G en el mundo (Inglés)

China lanza el primer estándar 4G en el mundo (Inglés)

SHANGHAI – China, still working on its long-delayed homegrown third-generation wireless standard, has leapfrogged itself by launching the world’s first fourth-generation standard, state media said on Monday.

Data-rich 3G telephony — which allows high-speed transmission of data and images — is not yet available in mainland China.

But a group of 10 “leading domestic institutions” called the “FuTURE Project” on Sunday rolled out 4G in Shanghai, the official China Daily reported.

China aims to hold field tests for the 4G system — whose rollout has cost 150 million yuan ($19.3 million) and will allow data transmission at up to 100 megabutes per second, several times faster than current technology — and put it into trial commercial use up until 2010, the paper added.

China’s long-anticipated and long-delayed issue of third-generation licenses is expected later this year by most analysts.

Fuente: Reuters