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La satisfacción sobre el servicio de mantenimiento para VoIP, esencial para el éxito (En inglés)

The latest “InfoTrack for Maintenance Services Report” examines the impact of maintenance service and support on VoIP solutions and vendor selections in current and software model fashions, concluding maintenance-service customer satisfaction has become a critical success factor.

“Decision makers are closely scrutinizing maintenance and support along with IP voice systems and voice-applications functionality when making a solution and vendor selection. The most likely drivers are reliability assurances and reduced risk,” says Warren H. Williams, vice president/senior program director for InfoTrack for Enterprise Services (a sister division to TelecomWeb news break) and author of the report. “As telephony and voice applications migrate to a software model, maintenance and support offers will strongly influence vendor and solution selection. Maintenance service providers with high customer-satisfaction ratings will benefit, with sales of solutions and, additionally, managed and professional services.”

The report also looks closely at the attractiveness, structure and willingness to pay for a combined voice-and-data equipment-maintenance program. In part, it says decision makers want a combined voice-and-data maintenance offer that is flexible and represents no more than a modest increase over current aggregate costs.

In addition to collecting customer-satisfaction ratings, the report determined what “next big thing” initiatives global decision makers are planning to address in the near and long term. Some of those “next big things” include storage networking, Quality of Service (QoS) and wireless communications.

Fuente: TelecomWeb