Inicio Tecnología. Las ventas de licencias impulsan las ganancias de SAP (Inglés)

Las ventas de licencias impulsan las ganancias de SAP (Inglés)

BERLIN – The business software maker SAP said Thursday that its third- quarter net profit increased by 16 percent as software sales rose sharply, and raised its earnings outlook for the full year.
SAP earned €388 million as software license sales rose 17 percent to €691 million. Overall sales rose by 11 percent to more than €2.24 billion. License revenue, a gauge of future fees from consulting and maintenance, rose 17 percent to €691 million.
SAP said earnings for the full year would be “slightly above” its previous target.
But it was cautious in its sales outlook, saying the company “appears less likely” to reach the upper end of its guidance range.
“The outlook is what people don’t like,” said Matthias Maus of Frankfurt Trust.
“The lower guidance means there’s little room for stock upgrades,” he said. “All the good news has already been factored into the stock after its recent good run.”
Growth in software license sales was led by the Asia-Pacific region, where they expanded by 22 percent. They grew by 19 percent in the Americas and by 14 percent in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Fuente: International Herald Tribune