Inicio Tecnología. Los mercados de voz y mensajería unificada crecen durante 2006 (En inglés)

Los mercados de voz y mensajería unificada crecen durante 2006 (En inglés)

According to just-released “InfoTrack for Converged Applications” reports detailing 2006 global and North American messaging sales and market shares, the markets for voice- and unified-messaging mailboxes grew 18 percent and 17 percent, respectively, last year, with mailbox shipments totaling 14.6 million and 22.9 million.

In addition, total 2006 North American messaging revenues were estimated by The Telecom Intelligence Group to be $571.5 million, with the vast majority of systems sold in the United States. The top five vendors in North America were Nortel, Avaya, Cisco, Active Voice and Toshiba.

A portion of this growth was due to a successful one-time promotion by Nortel to migrate its customers to its CallPilot system. Moving forward, global voice-messaging/unified- messaging revenue is expected to grow from $910.8 million (2006) to nearly $1.4 billion (2011), with North America dropping in share from 63 percent to 58 percent.

“Our primary research indicates that IT and telecom managers are planning to increase their take rate on unified messaging substantially in the next few years, based on business needs,” says Ken Dolsky, director of professional services/InfoTrack for Converged Applications and author of the report. “Manufacturers also are driving up the ratio of unified-messaging to voice-messaging mailboxes as they continue to bundle unified messaging into their platforms, sometimes without any additional charge over voice messaging.”

Other findings in the “InfoTrack for Converged Applications – Full-Year 2006 Messaging North America” report include:

Nortel led all vendors in 2006 with shipments of more than 4.8 million mailboxes in North America and more than 5.8 million globally.Avaya led all vendors in North America and globally with revenues of $151 million and $206 million, respectively.Cisco showed the greatest growth, 52 percent globally.The percentage of global revenue from voice mail vs. unified messaging will change from 82 percent in 2006 to 38 percent in 2011.

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