Inicio Tecnología. Microsoft y HP planean inversiones conjuntas (Inglés)

Microsoft y HP planean inversiones conjuntas (Inglés)

SEATTLE – Microsoft Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co. have agreed to invest jointly at least $300 million over three years and work more closely together to win over large business customers.

The two companies, the world’s largest makers of software and personal computers, respectively, said on Wednesday they plan to work together to develop, test, validate or ensure that products conform to standards and deploy new products, while also collaborating on sales and marketing.

HP and Microsoft plan to extend their partnership into new business areas to help large business customers incorporate new technology including Internet-based communications, business intelligence and collaboration software.

These new technologies represent an opportunity exceeding $50 billion in value, Microsoft said in a telephone news conference.

The alliance will integrate Microsoft’s software with HP’s hardware and services for customers from large organizations.

“The most comprehensive partner that we have of over the 640,000 partners we have at Microsoft is Hewlett-Packard,” Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s chief operating officer, said during the conference.

The companies will also work together to establish a sales and technical training program to certify more than 3,000 new Microsoft-trained consultants at HP.

Fuente: Reuters