Inicio Tecnología. Nortel prueba red inalámbrica en Israel (Inglés)

Nortel prueba red inalámbrica en Israel (Inglés)

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Nortel Networks Corp. on Thursday said it has launched a wireless network trial in the Jewish settlement town of Ariel in the West Bank, with advanced broadband and wireless services.

Under the year-long trial Nortel is set to deliver high-speed broadband wireless access and advanced wireless services to Ariel residents and municipal employees.

Nortel’s “wireless mesh” technology will deliver new municipal and college services to help fuel Ariel’s economic development, lower operational costs, and improve public safety, the communications giant said in a statement.

“The Ariel trial of Nortel’s wireless mesh solution introduces groundbreaking possibilities by extending broadband wireless as a strategic way to deliver the services and resources needed to keep communities safe and productive, as well as economically competitive,” Sorine Lupu, president of Nortel Israel and markets in eastern Europe, said in a statement.

In Ariel, the network will help with municipal law enforcement, provide video surveillance to limit vandalism, read water meters remotely, allow for wireless data and voice communications between municipal workers and employees at the local university, and enable wireless Internet for residents.

The trial’s costs were not disclosed.

Wireless mesh links together multiple access points without the need for cables into a wireless network.

Fuente: Reuters