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NovaTel recurre a Aspect para su oferta de Contact Centers (En inglés)

Hosted contact-center-services provider NovaTel ASP Ltd. has turned to Aspect Software for the software for a unified-communications offering targeting the domestic and worldwide contact-center markets.

NovaTel, of San Antonio, Texas, says it’s now using Aspect Unified IP (a software offering formerly called Aspect EnsemblePro) to offer automatic call distributor (ACD); voice portal; dialer; quality management; and unified reporting, routing and administration capabilities. It’s already supporting more than 300 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)- enabled agents with the Aspect software; however, it didn’t identify its customer for the first deployment. NovaTel and Aspect also didn’t disclose the financial terms of their deal.

“Our customers asked for a hosted unified solution with advanced call-blending capabilities to address their dynamic business requirements,” says NovaTel ASP President and COO Alan Saltzman. “We listened to our customers when they asked us to provide a full range of solutions to support their centers without them having to spend the capex to acquire the systems themselves.”

“We expect to expand our hosted offering of Aspect Unified IP as it continues to develop into the flagship product at NovaTel ASP,” Saltzman adds. “We require the security of a true partitioned multi-tenant system to support more than one customer on the same system without the possibility of a security breach. This critical capability was central to NovaTel ASP’s selection of Aspect Unified IP.”

Fuente: TelecomWeb