Inicio Tecnología. TeliaSonera y Cisco se alían para servicio de reuniones virtuales (En inglés)

TeliaSonera y Cisco se alían para servicio de reuniones virtuales (En inglés)

TeliaSonera’s next-generation virtual meeting service for business customers, dubbed “TeliaSonera TelePresence,” offers companies “significant” travel cuts, improved time management and reduced carbon-dioxide emissions.Cisco is the provider of the technical platform for the service.

TeliaSonera will be offering the service to business customers in the Nordic and Baltic region as a total solution, and it plans to “take full responsibility” for the integration process that will be handled by TeliaSonera’s system integrator, Cygate. The carrier reportedly is the first to introduce this service to the Nordic and Baltic markets as a total turnkey solution. The service enables meetings where participants truly experience that they are in the same meeting even when they actually are in different time zones. Conference time is booked through an electronic calendar, and the service is started at a touch of a single button.

“TeliaSonera TelePresence allows companies to work efficiently globally, in a way they have never experienced before”, says Juho Lipsanen, president of TeliaSonera’s Business Area Integrated Enterprise Services. “The service reduces traveling needs and therefore saves employees time, makes their life easier and increases their productivity. TeliaSonera TelePresence also helps corporate customers to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (also known as a carbon footprint).”

TeliaSonera introduced the virtual meeting service in its Helsinki and Farsta offices, aiming to reduce traveling between Stockholm and Helsinki between 10 percent and 20 percent annually. This would cut carbon dioxide emissions by 200,000 to 400,000 kg. The payback period is estimated at less than a year.

Fuente: TelecomWeb