Inicio Tecnología. Ventas récord impulsan a AMD (Inglés)

Ventas récord impulsan a AMD (Inglés)

SAN JOSE, California – Advanced Micro Devices, which trails only Intel among chip makers, reported a 77 percent jump in earnings from last year. AMD benefited from record sales of mobile processors and the spin-off of its unprofitable flash memory business.
AMD said after the end of trading Wednesday in New York that net income for the quarter ended Oct. 1 was $134 million. But sales eased to $1.33 billion from $1.52 billion. AMD’s profit last year was depressed by the company’s unprofitable flash memory business, which was spun off in late 2005.
Excluding that business, AMD would have registered $1.01 billion in sales in the third quarter of last year, translating to a 32 percent sales increase this year.
Third-quarter microprocessor unit shipments increased 18 percent from the previous quarter, the company said, and demand for AMD’s Turion 64 mobile processors was especially strong.
AMD also said it registered record sales of its Opteron processors as more customers adopted the dual core technology at higher selling prices. (AP)

Fuente: International Herald Tribune