Inicio Tecnología. Las ventas globales de celulares crecerán 20% en 2007: Texas Instruments (Inglés)

Las ventas globales de celulares crecerán 20% en 2007: Texas Instruments (Inglés)

TAIPEI – Global sales of mobile phones are expected to grow to between 1.1 billion and 1.2 billion units in 2007, up as much as 20 percent from about 1 billion units sold last year, a Texas Instruments official said on Friday. “We are optimistic on the growth momentum of low-price mobile phones,” Terry Cheng, the president of Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) Asia, told Reuters on the sidelines of a seminar in Taipei. TI is the world’s biggest cellphone chip maker.

“The company has shipped large amounts of chips for low-price mobile phones since November and December last year, which will help boost our business significantly this year,” he said.

TI established its Asia headquarters in Taiwan in 1994.

The global semiconductor industry could bottom out in either the first quarter or the second quarter this year after inventory corrections came to an end, Cheng said. But the recovery would not be big, he said.

Analysts have widely expected the sector would recover from the second quarter, with customers placing new orders for chips used in personal computers and new-generation consumer gadgets.

Riding a consumer and entertainment boom, TI would put efforts on R&D and manufacturing of chips related to wireless communications, video and other multimedia applications, Cheng said.

TI is set to announce its fourth-quarter earnings on Monday. The U.S. company cut its fourth-quarter earnings and revenue outlook late last year, citing weaker-than-expected demand for wireless chips.

Fuente: Reuters